Our Story

The Propfather started life more than 20 years ago as the private collection of a Cape Town Art Director. By 2007 it had become too big for one person, and became a resource for the whole Film Industry. The move from an Industrial area to a friendlier commercial / domestic one has allowed the company to spread its wings and broaden its stock and clientele. We now supply props and dressing to Film and TV, local and international Commercials and stills shoots, as well as Events companies, wedding planners and private individuals wanting that something extra for their functions. If you are a Set Decorator, Props Master, or Stylist looking for that element to impress your Production Designer, or someone needing to uplift your party or corporate event, you can find inspiration in our furniture and antique and period pieces. Use our eclectic collection to enhance your design. The collection focuses on timeless pieces, items which can be used in any genre, and any time setting. From gorgeous solid wood desks to travel worn luggage, warm lighting to cold airport seating, scary laboratory to friendly kitchen there is something for all situations here. We pride ourselves on our luggage, our medical collection, and our office settings, but are also renowned for the ability to supply what you need for warehouse and dockyard, airport and train stations, outdoor gardens on both a domestic and public scale. Then we also have the other favourites, marine and sport, fencing and gates, a classic Karoo wind pump, and vast quantities of wooden crates. If you need to build a wall of boxes to hide something you don’t like, create privacy or separate areas then this is what you need. Alternatives include our great selection of wooden and metal fencing of various shapes and sizes. Something for everyone and for every occasion, so come in and explore, maybe you will be inspired to add that extra special element that makes your decoration one to remember.