Conditions of Rental

By renting from The PROPFATHER you agree to the following conditions:

  1. The person renting is assumed to be representing the Production Company, and as such verifies that they are allowed to enter into this contract on behalf of said company.
  2. The person renting undertakes to ensure the items rented are properly transported, that the on-set crew knows the value of the items, that the items are treated with respect, and are returned in the same condition they were collected.
  3. Once the items are removed from our premises, they become the sole responsibility of The Company, until they are safely returned to our premises.
  4. Rentals are charged in weekly (7 day) increments. Minimum charge is one week.
  5. Rental fees due must be settled within 3 weeks of invoice date. Late settlement will accrue interest at 5% per month, calculated from invoice date.
  6. The Propfather grants any hirer the rights to use our stock in any media format, on the understanding that as our stock is all second hand, we have not been able to get any specific permissions from the original owners or designers. If the production for which our stock is rented demands any further release rights, we expect the hirer to get these themselves. This is especially true for any artworks or photographs. We do not accept any responsibility for the hirer not clearing these themselves.
  7. Replacement values are calculated according to many factors. These values are calculated by The Propfather, and are NON-NEGOTIABLE.
  8.  In the event of the item rented not being returned, the full replacement value will be charged, in addition to the normal rental charges.
  9. In the event of the item rented being damaged, altered or changed in any way without the prior agreement of The Propfather, the full replacement value will be charged, in addition to the normal rental charges. The damaged or altered item will remain the property of The Propfather.
  10. In the event of one or more items from a set being lost or damaged, the replacement value for the FULL SET will be charged, in addition to the normal rental charges. The set will remain the property of The Propfather. “A set” is understood to be ANY set of matching items, from a tea set to a set of chairs and table, from cutlery to crockery, from encyclopaedias to fountain pen sets. Any set that will be devalued by being incomplete.
  11. Rental charges on lost or damaged items will be calculated from the date the item was collected, until the date the replacement value is paid.

Please note that we do not make a living charging for lost or damaged items, we lose money every time. We also lose items with personal significance to us, and devalue our collection. In our ideal world we would never have to charge a replacement value again, as people would respect and appreciate our stock as much as we do. Most damages occur due to bad or rushed packing and transport. We therefore urge you to brief your swing gangs to take the utmost care, and save us all a lot of unpleasantness. Let us maintain the assets of all the prop rental companies to preserve our Cape Town film industry.